Is a marketing degree worth it?

I recently came across an article that asks a very important question: are marketing degrees worth it?

Do you need marketing qualifications to work in marketing?

As someone who studied at a 4 year university, I felt that uni helped prepare me for the professional world. But in modern marketing environments where skill sets such as UX design are all the rage, it made me think that this question may not be so easy to answer.

Anyways I figured I’d share this though on my blog to see what you all think. Let me know in the comments!

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My experience with staff surveys

For any organization to be successful, it needs to be realized that the backbone of a business is its workforce.

The driving force behind all operations and the smooth running of the organization are the employees and it is very crucial for the management to realize the importance of keeping employees motivated.

While there are many widely used methods of motivating employees, such as bonuses or fringe benefits, there is one method that is frequently overlooked; keeping the employees involved.

Taking feedback from workers and encouraging two-communication is one of the most effective measure a company can take to ensure the satisfaction and motivation of their employees because when they are asked for their opinions on certain business decisions, it makes them feel valued and thus, instills a sense of belonging towards the organization.

Having employees that feel a sense of belonging towards an organization reduces employee turnover and makes it easier for firms to retain experienced employees that are an asset to the firm. Having a good employee retention rate also leads to the improvement of the company’s image in the market and industry and allows for greater opportunities for growth and the greater development of ideas as the employees treat the whole organization as their own.

There are numerous ways in which a company can be more engaged with their employees and how they’re feeling; one that I experimented with recently is a pulse survey.

A Pulse survey is a quicker and simpler version of an engagement survey. As their name suggests, pulse surveys give the management regular, quick check-ins in the health of the workforce. They help emphasize on the aspects that need improvement and measure the level of employee satisfaction. Additionally, they also helped me in evaluating work-relationships and the environment around the organization.

As compared to engagement surveys, I found that pulse surveys are quick and to the point. They not require detailed answers to a wide variety of questions; the ones used in my organization have just under 10 questions. Moreover, they are also conducted more frequently than engagement surveys which allowed the management to recognize and solve arising issues promptly. The small number of questions facilitated the identification of the issue quickly and enabled the management to focus on a particular current goal or target that needs feedback.

Furthermore, employee feedback was more frequently received and appreciated through pulse surveys and they allowed for quicker and more accurate comparisons to be made. They are faster and more comprehensive to complete which is a source of convenience for the employees as well.

Additionally, I found that they can be used to spread awareness about certain issues around the organization which can prove extremely beneficial for the management and the organization as a whole. Pulse surveys are a great way to target a certain group of employees; whether it is for special tasks or for a special localized audit. They make sure that everyone is involved in the business and promote effective communication. However, it is also crucial to have the entire organization on board when it comes to understanding the purpose, requirement, and benefits of using Pulse surveys.

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Hiring your first marketing team

I thoroughly enjoyed this article by Blake Smith on titled “Startup’s Guide to Hiring First Marketing Staff”

I found this section to be particularly interesting:

Different audiences make purchasing decisions based on different appealing factors and criteria, and it is essential to work with marketers who understand your audience (example) and their needs. 

They don’t need to be an absolute expert in your sector, but they should demonstrate the ability to identify your target audience and develop innovate means of growing it.

It should also go without saying that marketers with experience in your field will find it easier to create comprehensive marketing materials for you – your business’s domain comes naturally to them and their efforts are thereby less contrived.

This was a timely message for me and something I 100% agree with. I have recently been working on more projects that align with my personal interests, and found that the “work” is much more enjoyable and the finished product was great!

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I had a good giggle over this!

This one reminded me of my days working in retail as a teenager. 🤣 It was a while ago (not THAT long though) but I can still remember crumbling under the pressure of giving the correct change to a customer in a timely manner LOL those were the days!

This is what I look like trying to work out how much change I need to give a customer…image

Source: This is what I look like trying to work out how much change I need to give a customer…

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Upping my skills

So if you read my last update, I’ve been in a bit of an upskilling phase lately. First, I was working on my spreadsheet skills… but now i’m on my way to becoming a full-fledged computer programmer.

Well not exactly, but my good friend Luke Smith is helping me learn coding (Javascript) to help my customise my WordPress website (coming soon).

Image result for php

I already know some basic HTML, but this is a whole ‘nother level from a technical perspective. It’s great though, because I know it will save me a lot in development costs down the line.

It has been a bit of an uphill battle, and I’ve consumed plenty of these  in the process, but Luke has been especially patient with me while I get comfortable learning a new language.

Image result for coffee

Do I speak fluent Javascript yet? No…

But I know enough to be dangerous! I even learnt how to set up custom Javascript in my Google Tag Manager account to track all of you lovely blog readers and what you’re clicking on my website 🙂

Keep up to date on my progress with this this mootools page

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Learning to spreadsheet

I’m currently learning (well, re-learning to be more precise) how to use Microsoft Excel.

I’ve found my daily tasks, both professional and at home, could benefit from being a bit more proficient in everyone’s favourite spreadsheet software, Microsoft Excel.

Also, here’s the current sitch in the workplace:


This journey started when I found myself watching several YouTube videos after searching for “how to *insert intermediate MS Excel task*”and came across this one:

But I quickly discovered I’m somewhere between a beginner and intermediate, so i need a but more of a customised training solution to get me where I want to be.
Insert: Excel Dimensions. Excel Dimensions is an onsite Microsoft Excel training provider that offers Australia wide training in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, and Hobart.  
I contacted them and explained my predicament.

Thankfully (oh god I’m so grateful), they explained that they offer customised courses for beginners, intermediates users and advanced Excel gurus. So I was able to pick out the topics we needed to cover beforehand and learn exactly what I needed and nothing I didn’t

Does this mean I’m now a Microsoft Excel expert?
But it does make my life a lot easier! I no longer sit at my desk Googling “how to x in Excel” because its imprinted into my brain 😀

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Self Improvement Hobbies I’m Trying

serious self-development hobbies you can do at home
Image via

I’ve started doing these tips from Latte Lindsay. They’re great for when you’re not really in the mood to head down to the gym!
I would highly recommend trying these:
  1. Take up a meditation practice
  2. Start journaling
  3. Visualise and write out your perfect day in detail
Since i’ve started visualizing and writing about my day, I’ve strung together a LOT of good days in a row.
Also as Lindsay states:

Various researchers have come to the conclusion that meditation changes the structure of parts of the brain, and is associated with an improved sense of wellbeing, awareness, and calm, in addition to other things.

What habits have you made for yourself that are based on “self-improvement”?

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